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Now Available – Love Bytes

Love Bytes Cover

From Sugar and Spice Press: Software designer Violet Connelly prefers code to cuddling, but is unable to resist the occasional closed-door meeting with her business partner and fellow developer Francis Rushmore. They’re on the fast track to submitting their educational game to a competition that has the potential to reap a lucrative contract and pull …

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Alpha Males Gone Wild


I truly believe that in order to be a good writer of romance you also have to be a reader of romance.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that one copies the styles of other writers, but by reading a lot of romance novels, you, as a writer, are training yourself to see themes, tropes and other …

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Building Characters

I suppose being an author and probably living with an author is an acquired taste, because some of us can be pretty eccentric.  Some us hear voices in our heads, urging us to “tell my story, tell my story”, others of our ilk wander around with ink stained fingers and index cards jammed in our …

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But the Work Never Stops

I am currently working on yet another story – it’s a holiday themed story that I wrote about a year ago and am revamping.  Trouble is, the characters are changing in my head as I write and giving me a whole new story!  Granted, it’s a much better story ( at least I think so) …

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Don’t I Feel Pretty!


I just got the news a few days ago that my first book will be published by Evernight Publishing.  I simply can’t put into words how totally thrilled I am that the hard work that I put into my writing has finally paid off.  So much work to do in the coming weeks, to which …

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